Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 7/14/17

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This week’s summary includes: focus on your strengths, ways to be rich without making more money, reading before bed, connections and community, keep trying new things, are you listening without judgment and assumptions


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes

  • “Forget Your Weaknesses, Increase Your Strengths.” by @alphabetsuccess Forget Your Weaknesses Increase Your Strengths
    • Given the limited amount of time available to all of us, I say focus on your strengths. It’s enough work just to maximize them.


  • 32 Powerful Ways to be Rich Without Making More Money @LollyDaskal
    • You will never fully understand what true wealth is until you have something in your life that money just cannot buy


  • “Your life is a reflection of what you hold inside you, and what you hold inside you is always under your control.”


  • Reading Before Bed – A Self Care Guide for a Calmer, Healthier, More Successful You
    • You can find more time to read before bed by making simple tradeoffs


  • “You don’t need permission to be great. You’re already great, unique, and capable. All you have to do is take ACTION!” – Brad Lea


My Leadership Posts from this week:

  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 7/14/17
    • ​Client Question:  “I want to advance my career, but can I do that without being a leader of a team?”
  • Haven’t You Heard There Is Power in Numbers?
    • The importance of connections and community
  • Can You Focus on a Conversation as a Leader?
    • Think about how you are listening, sharing information and check if you are making assumptions or judgments


My Podcast appearance that launched recently:


Listen to my interview on the B2B Revenue Leadership Podcast with Brian Burns by clicking on this link:

  • If you are in a B2B Leadership role this is the podcast for you. The founder of “The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling” interviews the most thought provoking guests. We will cover what is working today in Sales & Marketing
  • Feel free to listen and leave a comment!

Podcast Topic:

  • Ways to Get Visibility and Self-Promote
  • Success Tips for Building Confidence

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