What Would You Do With a Little Solitude?

I have coached people to really understand what type of leader that they want to be.  How do they want others to see them?  Why is this is so important?  There will be times when your courage, ethics and integrity will all be tested.  Knowing who you are makes that really easy to address those challenges head on.  This is not as easy to face when you are a leader who is not true to themselves, then there is the potential that those things will be tested.

One of the best ways to really reflect on who you are and who you want to be is to actually spend time in solitude.  Taking the time to reflect allows you to clear away all of the distractions to gain clarity, be more innovative and create the foundation of who you are.   This article called 4 Things Solitude Will Do For You highlights a quote from Brene Brown on this topic:

Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly, says that “The biggest mistake I’ve made in my career to date is believing that solitude is a luxury. I could chart the ups and downs of my quality of life personally and professionally and the amount of time I spend in solitude.” As important as it is, it is easy to let it slip away without even realizing it. We are continuously bombarded by pressures—both personal and social—not to stop and reflect but if we lose our solitude, we will lose who we are.

Those are powerful words.   With so much information coming at leaders today and the intense pressure to do more with less, it is far more challenging for them than ever before.  They need to leverage their courage to seek out silence to cut through the noise and focus on what is important.


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