Transition Your Way to Success

Transitions have become a way of life. There are so many examples: getting married, raising kids, taking care of their parents who are getting older, starting a new job, changing companies and retiring. In some ways it can be stressful, but it can also be a new beginning.

Everyone has the opportunity to look at these changes through a positive lens and to see what good things can come out of it. I know it is natural to sometimes drift towards the negative and worry about all the possible outcomes that could happen. When you fill your brain with worry then it is the way that you start to see things and it impacts your behavior.

Capture those worries on paper (or your smartphone) and think about what you can do to proactively solve them. Getting them out of your head is a good first start to take control of them and push them in a positive direction. What can you do to enlist others to help you? How can you set up a plan if one of those things actually happen?

Many times those worries don’t actually even come to fruition and then you are wasting your time and energy on them. You can spend your energy on the things that are going to move your transition forward. Navigating transitions is a part of life. Being open to the change, preparing for it and using all of your focus in a positive direction will make it so much easier.

Are you navigating a transition right now? How are you managing it? What if you and your team could get faster at managing transitions? Reach out to me and let’s discuss how to put a system in place to ensure you and your team are focusing on the right things to make your transition a success!

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