Are You Limiting Yourself?

What are the beliefs that you have about yourself?  Are they confident beliefs that push you outside of your comfort zone or do you have limiting beliefs that hold you back.  These limitations can prevent you from moving forward in your life if you let them.

Self-limiting beliefs are those things that you have been telling yourself for years.  The story in your head says” I am not good enough.” or “I could get to the next level if I just keep doing what they want me to do.”  You are lacking confidence, so you create the persona that is needed to fit the mold.  Those around you have no idea because you hide the real you from them.  You show up in the way that they want you to be seen.  This creates the feeling inside of you that you are an imposter.  You are not being true to yourself.  You are not acting in your own authentic way and it causes an internal conflict for you.

You may not even realize you are doing it,  until you wake up one day and realize that people don’t know the real you.  Who do you want to be?  Are you being authentic in your leadership?  When I have people complete the DISC assessment, it shows them how they are naturally and where they are adapting.  Adapting too much causes you to use up all of your energy and drains you.   Do some reflection to see if you are limiting yourself in some way.  Are you showing up in the way that someone else wants you to be seen or as you really are?

If you would be interested in taking a DISC/Motivators assessment and see if you are adapting, just reply to this email!  It only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete both assessments on-line.  You will get a great report that we will walk through together so you can  better understand your behavior and your motivations.  

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