Are You Ready To Be Intentional?

Are there things that you have been putting off in your life or career? It always seems like there is plenty of time and you will get to it next week, next month or next year. In light of the horrible events yesterday in Las Vegas and all of the other sad tragedies going on with the hurricanes, it is a reminder that we don’t know how long we have. Do you have a bucket list of things just waiting to be completed? What have you been putting off that you can schedule today?

I have been truly intentional this year to bring friends together that I haven’t seen in a long time. We always talked about meeting up, but never actually made it happen. I haven’t done anything special, other than actually schedule these get togethers! I have met with high school friends, work friends from many years ago and people that that I just want to connect with even if it hasn’t been a long time since I saw them.

You may be thinking that you connect with people all the time on social media. That is true, but Brene Brown spoke on this topic in her new book called “Braving the Wilderness.” She said that “although we are the most connected that we have ever been, we are also the loneliest in terms of true connection.” People text vs talk and connect on Facebook or LinkedIn vs getting together. Although those things are great, they can’t replace experiencing new things together, having lunch or even a phone call.

Building connections and being a leader isn’t just something that you do at work. I am a huge believer in the power of connections. You never know who can help you or support you. It may just be that you know something or someone that can help them too. What will you do to intentionally move forward on something that you have been putting off? You can start today and be the leader that brings the connections in your life together.

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