Are You Ready to Stop Being Distracted?

​Are you feeling like there is so much going on each and every day that you can’t focus on anything very well?   The list of things on your to do list grows even when you are crossing some of them off.  I wasn’t even sure where to start sometimes when I was feeling very overwhelmed.  To me, it was like a merry-go-round that I didn’t know how to stop.

Technology in some ways has helped us a lot, but we are so inundated with information, notifications, multiple meetings(at the same time), priorities that keep shifting, too many things on our plate, etc. that it makes it almost impossible to focus on any one thing.  In this article by Vishal Kataria called 6 Proven Ways to Focus Your Mind in a Distracted World, he lists out some suggestions that you can try very quickly.

I have tried three of these suggestions and highly recommend them.

  • Turn off notifications on your phone – I literally just did this yesterday.  I realized with the help of some friends that it was not helping me focus, but just the opposite.  I really have noticed a difference and I honestly haven’t missed out on anything big.
  • Exercise – I have been walking or working out to clear my head a bit.  It is especially nice to be outside and enjoy the weather before the snow comes!
  • Start using the 5 second rule ​- I have mentioned in previous blogs about The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage book by Mel Robbins.  It really does help you focus on what you need to do and eliminate the distractions that get in the way.  Highly recommend the audible version of this…the author reads it herself and it is great!

Take a look at these suggestions for yourself. There is no better time like the present to get started.  Which one will you implement today to help you focus better on the priorities that you have in your work and your life?

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