Take the Opportunity to Make Change Happen

Are you someone who drives change or let’s change happen to you?  What would prevent you from driving change if it would make things better?  Is it fear?  Do you feel that you aren’t empowered to do it?  Have you tried in the past and failed?  It goes back to the old saying “what if you knew you couldn’t fail, would you try?”

Look at the issues that are happening around you. Is there anything that you could do to resolve them or bring a group of people together to make that happen? Solving even small problems can still make a world of difference in the productivity of the organization.  It shows initiative, continuous improvement and instills confidence in you to do more of it.

It also shows that you are acting like an owner. Running your team or your group is if it were your own company will always lead you down the right path. Making key decisions to drive change for the better can only improve things. Help other people along and motivate them if they are struggling to know where to start.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” You have the opportunity as a leader to make change happen in your own world each and every day.

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