Happy Halloween!


Halloween is a great time to dress up and be somebody else!  It is so fun to see how creative people can be when they put on a costume and get to be someone else for the day.  Some people really get into decorating their houses, having contests and big parties to celebrate Halloween.   My favorite part is seeing all the little kids come to the door in their adorable costumes trying to remember to say “Trick or Treat” to get some candy!

I was reading an article about the Imposter Complex  by Joe Kwon which made me think how similar being an imposter is to putting on a mask.  For those who feel like imposters they go to work every day full of self doubt and feeling like an imposter.  They are usually the one who would seem to have it all together and people admire.  But inside they feel like they don’t deserve to have the role they have and they put on a “mask” to hide this fact from everyone else.  It is something that is always there though.  When something good happens to them they attribute it to “luck or being in the right place at the right time” instead of feeling like they deserve it.   I can speak about this from experience, because I felt this way for a long time.

It comes down to being aware of the messages you are saying to yourself and recognizing that they are not the real story.  These messages are coming from fear and they are there to try to protect you from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things.  By listening to them you are holding yourself back from realizing all of your potential.  Do some self reflection and look at the beliefs that you have about yourself and your abilities.  Most people in this situation don’t give themselves enough credit for what they do and they don’t acknowledge it.  This started a long time ago and it has become a habit that you need to break.  Awareness is the first step to recognizing that this is happening and you can choose to tell yourself a different story.  Don’t minimize or justify things that you are doing…Celebrate Them! In the spirit of Halloween, have a piece of candy if you want!  You can wear the mask on Halloween, but every other day of the year you need to take the mask off, believe in yourself and let everyone see the real you.

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