Will You Be Open to a Better “Yes” When You Get a “No?”

What do you do when you face disappointment?  Do you blame others or yourself for what happened?  It may depend on the situation and whether or not you think you could have done something different to prevent it.  Disappointment is something that we have all faced at one time or another and it can be really demotivating.  You may start doubting yourself, your abilities and then you may become disengaged.

I recently faced a situation that was disappointing and I was a bit down about it.  It was something that I would have liked to have happen, but it was definitely a stretch.  I thought about what I could have said or done differently.  However, I knew that I done my best and took a risk, so I don’t have any regrets.

When things like this happen, I believe you have a choice to make.  You can be bummed out about it or you can believe that a “no” on one thing just means that a better “yes” will be coming along soon.   I chose to believe the latter to be true.  The next day an opportunity came along that was a better thing for me and exactly what I needed.  This has happened to me multiple times and a better thing has always comes along.

Don’t continue to focus on the negative and relive what could have been.  You can’t change the past and it just leaves you stuck.  The next time you go through a disappointment, choose to focus your mindset on the new possibilities that could be coming your way.  I bet you will see that what comes along is even better than what originally disappointed you anyway!

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