Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 12/22/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!   

This week’s summary includes:  list of Podcasts on leadership, creating leaders, going from dreamer to achiever, CEO leadership secrets, beating procrastination, dealing with ambiguity, is there a lack of leadership, the importance of listening, handling disappointment

Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes: 






  • “What you allow, is what will continue.” by Bobby Umar



My Leadership Posts from this week:
  • Monday Morning Leadership Q & A – 12/18/17
    • Client Question: “I have been asked to put together a business case for a new project we are doing.   We have a clear business outcome that we want, but since we haven’t done something like this before, it is a little ambiguous as to how to show a return on investment.  Dealing with ambiguity has been a struggle for me in the past.  How can I do better with ambiguity so I can put this business case together?”




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