What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

I had a couple of experiences with some online companies this morning that made me think about giving feedback.  Do you give feedback when a store, restaurant or online website does something that you don’t like or do you let it go?  Do you only say something when you get overcharged or you were charged without your consent?  It made me wonder how often people actually say anything at all.  If these companies don’t know about the issues, how can they do anything about it?

It is the same thing when you have a team.  What if you have team members who are not delivering what they should or who are frustrating your clients.  Although I know some leaders wish that it would just resolve itself, but it isn’t going to magically go away.  Avoiding the conflict just sends the wrong messages to your team, your clients and your management. You need to say something to get them back on track.

If you don’t address it, then your manager will begin to question your leadership.  It may begin to impact how you are viewed and rated by your management.  As a leader in a company, you have the responsibility to act like an owner. The company hired you to have integrity, deliver what is expected, manage things financially and lead your people.  They are relying on you to drive things forward and address any issues that come up.  Leaders have to be willing to stand up and say something when it is wrong.  You may disagree with a decision that is being made and as a leader you should voice that opinion.  Staying quiet is basically saying that you agree with it.

As a leader you have a choice to make. Although it may be pushing you out of your comfort zone, you need to be brave and have the courage to address these things head on and as soon as possible.  Being a leader is standing out in front of the crowd and doing the right thing.  It isn’t about sitting in the back of the room and being quiet.

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