I focus on consulting engagements with organizations who are looking for help with transitions in their organization.   My initial focus is to partner with my clients on expected outcomes and then determine the best approach to deliver value quickly to meet their needs.  My passion is working with organizations on transformation which allows me to leverage my experience to quickly set them up for success.   What I like best about consulting is that I get to work with some great companies and do a variety of things including strategy, coaching, facilitating and training.  Learning from each other in these sessions is always a great experience!

Example engagements:

  • Customized leadership development sessions for helping teams perform at a higher level and build trust.
  • Coaching/Consulting for organizations on best practices and building strong partnerships with business clients
  • Facilitating strategy and goal alignment sessions to prepare the company for future opportunities
  • Support to set up an employee resource group within an organization (may also be known as a diversity group or council)
  • Review current processes for gaps and provide recommendations for closing those gaps.  Execution and change management support to implement solutions.
  • Provide support for a new leader to gain trust with their team.  Gather feedback from team members and facilitate an interactive group session to discuss feedback with the new leader. 
  • Support a large project team to get the project off the ground and set it up for success.  Including support of project leader for Initial planning, strategy, resource management, budget alignment, approach and communication/change management