Achieve YOUR VISION in 2017


Start STRONG with ReVISION in 2017

This all-encompassing program provides everything you need to have your best year ever

ReVISION helps you achieve what matters most

  • Create a clear vision of success for the year
  • Understand your personal strengths and how to utilize them to achieve more success
  • Design an achievable action plan to get from current state to desired future state
  • Receive the support of a group and share best practices
  • Clear the way to success and overcoming obstacles with the help of expert accredited coaches

But wait ………you’ve tried this goal setting thing before and it didn’t work?  We feel your pain and know how common this is.

Here’s what we heard from others just like you:

"I started off really strong but then life got in the way and I lost sight of my goals.” - TS

“A vision? What vision?! I’m just trying to survive. I don’t even have time to think with everything that is coming at me.” - KB

“I usually get the easier things done, but the goals that matter most are still staring me in the face.” - JS


Choose to REVISE your approach and get the support you need to make it happen

ReVISION + Commitment = Success

Choose from the ReVISION Coaching Packages below: 

Magnify Coaching Package              


This package includes:

  • 6 sessions of weekly group coaching focused on helping you achieve your goals
  • Includes:
    • action-oriented workbook with space for journaling and reflection
    • helpful templates
    • great motivational ideas
    • strategies to complement session materials
    • GSD tools
  • Expert coaching and support from ICF accredited executive coaches who focus on setting you up for success with real life experience to back it up!
  • 1:1 Strengths Strategy Session to better understand your personal strengths ($400 value)
  • Private Facebook Group Access only for ReVISION participants to get quick answers to questions, ideas to overcome obstacles, and support from your fellow group members
  • Invite a friend to join you for the program!  Receive a 10% referral credit from the cost of the program once your friend signs up and pays for the session.



 Focus Coaching Package                  


 This package includes everything from the Magnify Coaching Package plus:

  • 2 - 1:1 Coaching sessions offered during the program




Lighthouse Coaching Package          


This package includes: Includes everything from the Magnify Package plus:

Access to the VISION ACCOMPLISHED Mastermind Group*

  • A mastermind is a group of people who meet weekly and are committed in helping achieve their goals
  • Here is what you will get:
    • Accountability -- GSD
    • Live events each month:
    • Participant driven webinars on themes you choose
    • Q&A Sessions
    • Expert advice on demand
    • Collaborate with power partners for fresh ideas to improve performance
    • Gain trusted advisors invested in your success
    • Think bigger and push outside of your comfort zone

*Vision Accomplished Weekly Mastermind Group - you may also select the mastermind as a separate option with no coaching included

Testimonials From Previous ReVISION Participants

“I’m getting outside my comfort zone—it’s really been eye opening on how I’ve been working against myself.  I’ve received so much value and am on the path to achieving my vision.”

“I love the way this program is put together—starting with vision and breaking each part down into bite-size chunks is exactly what I needed to get moving.” 

“This program has allowed me to increase my nimbleness. I’m adapting faster, and can change on the fly to adjust to new conditions as they occur-which is keeping me on target and moving towards achieving my goals. 

The group coaching program will be held virtually to easily fit into your schedule
Sessions beginning soon - daytime and evening sessions available

Set up time to discuss which package is right for you by clicking on the green ReVISION box below


Do you have additional questions? Send an email to either Kim or Sue and we will be in touch soon!
We look forward to achieving success with YOU in 2017!


is brought to you by:

Susan M Barber, ACC and Kimberly Svoboda, ACC