What if You See Comparison as a Good Thing?

Let’s face it we live in a world of comparison.  We compare the kind of car that we drive, where we live, type of career we have, etc.  We try not do it, but it is one of those judgments that we pass before we even realize it.  It becomes especially challenging in your career as you compare yourself against others in your workplace.  You look at your peers or management to try to figure out what they are doing…
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How Can We Stop Comparing Ourselves All The Time?

Comparing ourselves to others is something that everyone has done.  We all grew up being compared to each other in school, in sports and at home.  Statistics were tracked about grades, sports achievements and you may have felt like your parents were keeping track of what you had done vs your siblings.   Fast forward to becoming an adult and the comparison continues.  People are rated in companies on their performance and potential.  Employees are rated in comparison to their peers? …
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