What are the beliefs that you have about yourself?

I was working with one of my clients the other day and he shared that he didn’t think he had what it took to perform a senior level role.   This is a person who has accomplished a lot in his career.   Even though we detailed out his background and all the things that he accomplished, he still struggled to feel like he was qualified.   This is how strong a belief can be for a person.  Even with all the facts…
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What will your leadership legacy look like?

As I read the article, The Leaders Imprint by Scott Mabry, it struck me how much every decision and action we take as a leader can leave in Scott’s words, an “Imprint” on others who work for us.   Being critical of our team members on a regular basis has a lasting impact on them.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, people don’t leave organizations, they leave managers.  Being too critical causes people to doubt themselves, shut down, become disengaged or…
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