culture change

How Important is a Good Culture Fit at Work?

​When I first came out of college and started looking for my first job, it was pretty stressful.  I was trying to figure out if I could really get a job with the degree that I had, would it pay enough, and would I like it?   I needed experience and a friend helped me get in the door at a smaller company she was working at in downtown Chicago. My commute was really long and I learned a big lesson on the importance of working…
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Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 3/31/17

​Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!      This week’s summary includes:  becoming a great leader, building your legacy, managing remote workers, dealing with an indecisive boss, 10 mistakes new managers make, making a presentation with errors, career plan, culture of a team, and making assumptions Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes 5 Simple Ways Good Leaders Become Great @LollyDaskal … Nobody aspires to be just a good leader. Greatness is the goal, and these simple strategies can help you achieve it. How to…
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Be the Change You Wish to See

What type of culture does your company have?   The company that I worked for was very large and had many processes/procedures that had been in place for a long time.  It made it more challenging to drive decisions and get things done.  Once the company separated into two, then things changed.   One company kept a lot of the old culture, while the other company took on more of an entrepreneurial culture.  The change was driven from the CEO on the…
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