Do you want to be part of the good ol’ girls club?


It is time.  There has been a good ol’ boys club in place for quite a long time now.  This club has provided opportunities for men to gain success and climb the ladder much more quickly.  Why don’t women learn from this and take the same approach?

Jacquie Champagne wrote a great article on this topic called “5 Actions to Help Ensure You’re Promoting Fellow Females (and Yourself) at Work”  I really love this article and the great ways she identifies to help support women in the workplace.

Where can you start?  Use the ideas in the article and find at least one opportunity each day to have a positive impact on another woman.  Set an example for others to follow and emulate.  This change is going to take time, but these types of interactions will begin to have a ripple effect for you and the success of women throughout your organization.

Self-promotion is an important part of being recognized for what you have done, but having others doing this on your behalf is even better.  Set an intention that you will find ways to support each other’s success.   Be a mentor or sponsor, ask for help from others when you need it, assume positive intent in each other and be happy when each of you accomplishes great things.

Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  Imagine what we could accomplish if we all worked together and supported each other?   What will you do to create opportunities and be a member of the club that supports the success of women?

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