Chicago Cubs Win!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Chicago Cubs on winning the National League Division Series!

Four very exciting baseball games occurred against the San Francisco Giants which led to the win.  I was thinking about all the work that the Chicago Cubs Organization put in place to get to this point.   Tough decisions about who to keep on the team and negotiations to identify other players who would bring the team together to give them the chance to win.   It is exciting to see it all come together and know that the hard work is paying off.

Building a championship team in baseball or any other sport is not any different than building your own team as a manager.   You need a diverse set of skill sets and perspectives to really make a great team perform at a high level.   As the leader, you will have to decide if your team has the capabilities and experience to do what is needed or will you need to make some changes.  There are going to be times when things are going well and also tough times when you all need to pull together to deliver a common vision.   Bringing a team together comes down to motivation, being open to changes, building trust, having managerial courage and listening.

Be the leader that inspires people to do their best and empowers the team to develop to their potential.  It is such a great experience to be a part of a team that is working together well and delivering things that people did not believe were possible.    Best of luck to the Chicago Cubs as they continue on in their great season to compete in the National League Championship Series!

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