Are you prepared to act on this advice? by Mona Reiser

​Yesterday’s post was focused on major changes in the organization.  My friend and former manager, Mona Reiser, sent me her feedback on the post.  As you will see she is someone who has been through these changes multiple times.  With her permission, I am sharing her insights and advice with all of you who may encounter these type of changes.

Here is Mona’s feedback on organizational change:

Reading this article brought forth many emotional and intellectual reactions.  Having to effect 10+ downsizing or closings in my career and many “packed” in a span of less than 5 years, has given me invaluable observations for the one on the receiving end of the action.

–  Be aware that it is not always about you.  You are part of the larger organization impacted.

–  Be a positive impact and contributor during the actual change.  Not only can that go on a resume but you never know if suddenly an opportunity internally open up, that may have not included you before.

–  If you can (and are not forced through other limitations) offer up that you can extend your stay beyond your time to help during the transition or to the new team

–  If opportunities are presented that may seem lower level or out of the area, unless truly a hardship, consider them if you wish to stay with the organization and the benefits you have accrued

–  If none of this is applicable (or desirable), take advantage of the benefits of the severance (resume writing room & all)

–  Know that the grass could be greener on the other side.  But for that you will have already been preparing (see below)

But in preparation for an action that could come down the road:

–  Your performance and contributions, year over year, should exceed expectations, not just meet expectations

–  Make your interests and next opportunities to explore always known: not just during your mid-year or year-end reviews.  Even if you see a position open up that could be of interest down the road, advise your manager of that.

–  Request to shadow or meet with a group you might be interested in exploring what they do

–  Explore laterals that would expand your skill set

–  The opportunities to transfer to other geographic locations might be more limited these days; explore if there might be temporary positions or locations that can use your skill set (could be difficult for a period of time on family life but might have longer term rewards)  Example:  a manager did a 3+ month stint in China and got a bump to Director that included international group

–  Find mentors in areas you are interested in and meet with them

–  Reach out to other groups in the organization and get to know some of their players

–  Network internally

–  Network externally, even when you feel “safe” in your position.  Truly, no one is ever safe.

–  Join organizations that are in your field (ie CSCMP); get certifications (ie Project Management) and attend the respective local and annual conferences.  Invest in thy self!!!

–  Always revisit your resume and update as you hit new milestones that qualify for resume upgrades

–  Keep that LinkedIn Profile updated.

Thank you so much for all the great advice Mona!  For those of you who know Mona and want to reach out to her, here is her email:  

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