Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 5/8/17

Monday Morning Leadership

Client Question: “Is it possible for me to achieve Work-Life Balance?


This question has been a huge debate for quite a while now.  I have seen it called Work-Life Balance and Work-Life Integration.   Whatever you want to call it, the answer is that it is a challenge.  Technology has given people the ability to work anywhere now and many employers have the expectation that you will do that.  Even the people that you work with will email you and have the expectation that you will respond right back.  It is definitely a challenge to manage your inbox and meetings all day, still have time to think and get things done.  So what can you do?

There is a quote by Tony Gaskins that says: “You teach others how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.”   This quote really struck home with me because I realized how much work stuff I was allowing to come into my home life.  I wasn’t saying no to things.  I just continued to try to balance even more things and unfortunately work was taking over more of my time each day.  I wasn’t setting a good example for my team or for my family.

In order to achieve any control around your time means you need to set boundaries for yourself.  If you continue to respond to every email that you get in less than 30 seconds, then you have set the idea in people’s minds that you will do that all the time.   If you continue to give up all of your personal time to your work then your work will begin to expect it and your family will begin to resent it.  Are you ready to try a new strategy?

If you could create your perfect day and work everything in the way that would give you some balance, what would that look like?   Write it out and start to move towards that vision. You get to choose what you include and exclude from your day.  This vision may not happen right away, but you can start to block out time that will be for you.  Start to teach others that you are not available after a certain time to respond to emails.  Set the tone that when you are on vacation, your team will be there to handle things. This will allow you to focus on what you need to do and it will set the expectation with others that they can’t cross the boundaries that you have set for yourself.

Think of it as a new set of habits that you are working on.  This will work better on some days than others.  It will take time for them to become a part of your everyday life.  Remember that the vision is for you to do all the things that you want to accomplish and achieving this is really what will give you the balance that you need.

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