Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 5/19/17

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This week’s summary includes: Motivating your team, differences between feedback and criticism, steps to better decision making, ways to stop sabotaging yourself, building a strong team is a good investment, what truths would you share with your younger self, focus on the essential things in your life, how do you spend your time, and are you a humble leader


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes:


  • Criticism Is Not Feedback ➤ By @FSonnenberg
    • The fact is, there’s a huge difference between feedback and criticism. Feedback is helpful and constructive; criticism is hurtful and damaging
  • 3 Simple but Effective Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself @LollyDaskal
    • We all have an inner saboteur–some more powerful than others. The first step to success is often learning to recognize and work through your own saboteur.
  • Why Building A Strong Team Should Be One Of Your Biggest Business Investments by Tommy Mello
    • Team building is an essential tool of any successful company, and when done right, it is fun, educational and helps to build camaraderie.


My Leadership Posts from this week:


  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 5/15/17
    • Client Question: ““How do you know that it is time to leave your company?”
  • How Can You Focus on Only What is Essential?
    • What choices will you make to focus on only the essential things in your life and career?
  • Where Do You Want to Spend Your Time?
    • Make the decision to purposely choose where you want to spend your time and energy.
  • Do You See Yourself as a Humble Leader?
    • Do you share your own lessons learned to build relationships and accomplish your goals?


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