Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 6/9/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!   


This week’s summary includes:  New behaviors to bring new results, boosting your creativity, failure can help your listening, ways leaders become great, motivational quotes, habits of resilient people, changing roles, improving confidence, illuminating new trends, being open to seeing things differently


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes

  • 8 Habits of Happy, Healthy, and Successful People By Benjamin P. Hardy
    • Simple behaviors that are committed to over time can yield enormous results


  • Boost Your Creativity with These 5 Simple Ideas By Peter Gasca
    • Routines are great, but comfort can be a curse. In order to boost your creativity, consider getting out of your comfort zone.


  • How Failure Taught Me To Become A Better Listener  via @TanveerNaseer
    • A powerful lesson on what it really means to be a good listener, especially when you have the responsibility to lead others.



  • 60 Top Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You to Be an Outstanding Leader  by Jeff Haden
    • Inspiring, motivational quotes to help you become a better leader, a better boss…and maybe even a better person.




My Leadership Posts from this week:


  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 6/9/17
    • Client Question: “I am interested in moving to a different area of my organization. What are some steps that I should do to make this happen?”


  • What Actions Will You Take to Improve Your Confidence?
    • What if you think about a different approach to shift your level of confidence?


  • What Kind of Trend Will You Lead?
    • Would you prefer to illuminate trends rather than follow them?


  • Are You Ready to Change How You See the World?
    • What if you suspended your judgment and looked at things with a completely open mind instead?



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