Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 7/28/17

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This week’s summary includes: empathetic leaders are the best, maintaining your motivation, what do most leaders miss, eliminating unconscious bias, stop self-doubt, team leadership is a leader’s responsibility, are you ready for a bigger role, are you ready to share your story, how can assessments help you build teams and sell your ideas? 


Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes:

  • Why The Empathetic Leader Is the Best Leader @LollyDaskal 
    • At the core leadership is ultimately about others. It means inspiring them to take actions beyond their capabilities, leading them in a direction that is compelling and inspiring. And empathy is the foundation of those actions.


  • 3 Overlooked Items Needed to Maintain Your Motivation by Sean Ackerman 
    • The world is a busy place, and we try to get it all done. Often times we forget some basic fundamental items that, if focused on, allow us to achieve any goal through self leadership and motivation.


  • What Most Leaders Miss @allenlau What Most Leaders Miss
    • Clearly explain your vision and expected outcomes to inspire your staff to achieve great things.



  • 5 Ways To Stop Self-Doubt From Crippling Your Motivation by Barbara Nixon 
    • Ever had that feeling of doubt that just pops into your mind when you need to think most clearly?




My Leadership Posts from this week:


  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 7/24/17
    • Client Question:  “My manager approached me about taking on a bigger role, but I am not sure I am ready for it.  What should I do?”


  • Are You Prepared to Share Your Story?
    • Everyone has a story and they are happy to tell it.  You never know what you may learn, who they may know that can help you or who you may know that can help them


  • Do You Know What Your Leadership Type Is?
    • Imagine how much more effective you would be in working together, communicating and accomplishing your goals if you knew your leadership type


  • Want To Be More Effective at Selling Your Ideas?
    • You may have to flex your leadership style so they can hear you


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