Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is traditionally thought of as the day for love and relationships.  Since this is a blog about personal development and leadership, I will leave your love life to you to work on and we will talk about relationships from a different perspective.

Most people would say that they don’t have the time to connect with others in their network.  Let’s make today the day to change that for you and commit to building some new relationships.

Here are some ideas:

  • Compliment someone who has done something great
  • Send a written note to someone and tell them how much you appreciate them
  • Thank them by bringing them some candy (it is Valentine’s Day after all)
  • Build a stronger relationship with your team, your manager or a peer
  • Ask someone to lunch that you have been wanting to connect with recently
  • Eliminate a conflict that you need to resolve with someone and you have been putting it off
  • Connect with some new people on LinkedIn that you want to add to your network
  • Reconnect with some of the people who are already in your network that you haven’t talked with in awhile
  • Help someone connect with another person that could help them (find a job or give them ideas on how to solve a problem they have)

I hope this gives you some ideas on what you can do to strengthen or build new relationships! Imagine if you did just one of these things every day?  How beneficial could it be for you to broaden your network, learn new things that could be helpful to you later and you could help others at the same time.  Just pick one and make it happen.

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