Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary – 2/24/17

Welcome to the Fantastic Leadership Resource Summary!

Each week I will share some great articles that I have found as well as the links to my own Creating Leadership Connections blog for the week.
This week’s summary includes: How smart managers motivate teams, be strategic with your career, how to keep learning, remote leadership, comparisons and celebrating accomplishments
 Feel free to send me or comment with any articles that you have found as well!  They may show up in the following week’s summary! 🙂
Articles/Ted Talks/Quotes
  • 13 Things the Smartest Leaders Say to Motivate Their Employees Smartest Leaders Say via @Inc by Marcel Schwantes
    • Here’s what you’ll actually hear the smartest bosses say.
  • Think Strategically about your Career Development  via @HarvardBiz by Dorie Clark
    • You can’t leave your professional career to chance
  • 3 Techniques to Never Stop Learning  via @successmagazine by Ramit Sethi
    • Adopt a student mindset to grow personally and professionally.
  •  “True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve.” ― Sheri Dew
My Leadership Posts from this week:
  • Monday Morning Leadership Q&A – 2/20/17
    •  “My team works in various locations and in multiple time zones.  What is the best way to stay connected with them and provide the support they need?”
  • Are You Ready?  It’s Time to Celebrate!
    • Celebrate accomplishments
  • How Can We Stop Comparing Ourselves All The Time?
    • The pitfalls of comparison and ideas on how to stop doing it
  • Will You Be The One To Help Somebody Today?
    • Tapping into your passion and helping other people
My Podcast appearances that launched this week:
Stay tuned for new podcast episodes launching soon.
Have a Great Weekend!!

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