Do you want to be the Secretary of State?

I just watched the season premiere of Madam Secretary tonight. It is absolutely one of my favorite shows! I love the character of Elizabeth McCord who is the Secretary of State of the United States played by the actress Tea Leoni. She has a tough job to do as she is navigating the politics that surrounds her, managing up (imagine if the President was your boss?), staying connected with what is going on, having a good staff that she had to build trust with and finding time to spend with her family.

All of those things that she deals with are things that we have all dealt with in one way or another. Obviously, her world is on a much bigger stage with a lot more exposure, but it is actually not that much different. What I like most about her is that she is always thinking about the right thing to do, how will it impact people and she isn’t afraid to stand up to people and be honest.

We are all faced with those types of situations and decisions every day. Do we think about the impact of our decisions on others? Do we stand up for what is right or go along with the crowd? Do we delegate to our team and empower them to be successful? How do we ensure that are successfully managing a full time job and still being there for our families?

Many of my clients have faced similar challenges and through coaching were able to successfully move past them. Being able to deal with difficult situations like that gave them new found confidence, helped them stand up for themselves and build trust with those around them.

If you have decisions or situations that are causing you to struggle, then you may want to consider coaching to help you move forward. If you would like my help, feel free to reach out and set up time for a complimentary session with me. Here is the link:


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