Do you Want to Build a Snowman?


Christmas is officially on the way.   We put up the decorations in the house, baked some holiday chocolate chip cookies and then it snowed about 5 inches throughout the day and night.   I may be in the minority here, but I totally love the first snowfall.  There is nothing better than when you can just watch it as it comes down which turns everything white.  One of my favorite things is when you first walk outside in the snow and everything is so quiet and peaceful.  If you haven’t experienced this before, I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long because everyone starts coming out to shovel and plow their driveways.   Snowplow trucks come by to clear the roads and the quiet is now gone again.  I know there are many people who do not like the snow and find it to be a nuisance as an adult.  But, if you are a kid you want to go play in it, throw snowballs and build a snowman as soon as possible.

Just like you can see the snowstorm to be a positive or negative depending on your point of view, you can see most other situations in that way too.    Do you find that you see things as a negative or a positive most of the time?   Usually, most people are on one side or the other.   Some of that is based on the influences you have had while growing up and by those that you are around all the time. You may have a tendency to only focus on those same ways of thinking as well.

What if you could see things as a positive just like the kids do with the snow?  Identify a situation that is generally viewed as negative like being stuck in a traffic jam or your flight is canceled.  Now name 5 things that you can think of that are positive about the situation.  I did this with a class that I taught and every single person in the class found 5 things that were positive about the negative situation.  They were even laughing about something that would have traditionally made them upset or angry.  Try this for yourself and see if you can do it.   You can start to build awareness around a negative situation and turn it into a positive.   The more you do this, the easier it will become.

Are there situations that you face now that you need help to see what is possible for you?   You may only be able to see it as a negative right now, but we can partner together to move past it and head towards a positive result.   Reach out to me to set up time for a free complimentary session.

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